tiistai 29. huhtikuuta 2014

Miinus yksi

Taannoisessa Monroen Leffavisassa pelattiin cinefiilistä seurapeliä, jossa luotiin uusia tarinoita ottamalla tunnettujen elokuvien otsikoista yksi kirjain pois. Tässä muutamia valintoja lajin parhaista.

The Sagecoach. Wise man teaches apprentices in the Art of All-Knowing via growing a delicious herb.
Eternal Sunshine of the Potless Mind. Being happy without being high.
Seven Ears in Tibet. A gruesome murder mystery in the slopes of Mount Everest.
Apocalypse. No. The End doesn't come.
Ad Max. The rise and fall of a young copy writer in the wastelands of advertising.
Ocean's 1. This time Clooney does it alone.
Rash. Itchy epidemic rages in multi-cultural LA.
Bi. Tom Hanks finds his orientation overnight.
Onan the Barbarian. Story of the man who invented masturbation.
The Tee of Life. Golf as a metaphore for life. Starring Kevin Costner, Will Smith, Shia LaBeouf and Kim Ki-Duk.
The Ew World. It's a disgusting world we live in - the darker side of Terrence Malick revealed.
Bringing Out the Dad. A comedy about a family in turmoil after the father realises he likes Barbra Streisand, Hollywood musicals and The Chippendales.
A Series of Unfortunate Vents. An air conditioning fixer just can't catch a break.
My Life Without E. A young woman stops going to rave parties.
Old Mountain. Civil wars come and civil wars go, but the old mountain remains in this chronicle spanning decades.
Ill Bill. The Bride finds out that Bill can't put up much of a fight.
Miami Ice. Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell are the coolest ice cream vendors on Miami Beach.
The Bi Lebowski. The Dude plays for both teams.
Mall Soldiers. A group of middle-aged family men form a voluntary group that patrols the local mall preventing disturbances. Starring Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller.
28 Days Late. A story of an unexpected pregnancy.
Need for seed. Old farmer travels the land in search for seeds to save his farm and lives of his hungry family.
Dude, Here's My Car. After a crazy night, Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott decide to leave their place, only to find that the car is exactly where they had parked it the previous day.
Land Before Tim. A retrospective about the world before the birth of Tim.
Casio Royale. A math geek dreams of the ultimate calculator before SAT's.
Leiat Helsingin yllä. Mystinen hologrammi ilmestyy pääkaupungin taivaalle: "Help me, Erkki Tuomioja!"
(Stephen Kingin) Ujo. Kylällä liikkuu kuulemma vesikauhuinen koira, mutta Pentti ei tiedä siitä mitään, koska on liian ujo liikkuakseen ihmisten ilmoilla.

Lisää alkulähteellä: http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/21enm7/take_a_film_title_and_remove_one_letter_what_is/

Pelaa myös kotona! Vaikka yksin (olosuhteiden pakosta).

Hauskaa Vappua!

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